And is going to teach you how the tools work and what you’ll find online from a lot of different online schools such as control paint got lampost guild Chris Oatley you got classes from Bob Ostrom and new masters Academy and school ISM and our folio Academy and our own SBS and the thing.

That you’re going to find that those more than anything else is they’re going to teach you how they paint so you’re going to have master artists teaching you their tips and their tricks of how they use Photoshop which is very different from you know anybody saying you know this is the crop tool.

This is how the crop tool works this is the paint tool this is how the paintbrush works in so they’re very different know how I use the paint brush is going to be very different from how someone else’s uses the paint brushing so the cool thing about online is that you can pick and choose you can cherry-pick your classes you can say I want to learn them from that guy I’ll learn from that girl.

I want to learn this technique or that technique I want to learn this so that I can go into a studio situation and and so there’s a lot of things like that that you can pick and choose your teachers and so that brings me to probably the last thing at least the last thing that I can think of and if you guys can think of anything more.

I’d love to see what you think in the comment section but um probably the last thing that I would say is is the real consideration is the teachers and just kind of touching on that more I really look at like this there’s four types of teachers out there there are those that can’t in other words they can’t paint as draw and they can’t teach and unfortunately there are some of those teaching in the university setting.

I haven’t seen anybody on line doing that that that I found because I think online it’s much harder to to get away with I don’t think that you’d find much success if you weren’t doing a good job I think that the accountability is kind of inherent with online teaching so those that can’t and they can’t teach and then I think there’s some that can’t really do but they can motivate and they can inspire.

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